How not to move house.

Majorca was lovely and peaceful – a much needed week of relaxing by the pool.

Unfortunately, my second week of vacation was largely spent helping my parents move house. After years of trying to convince them to leave the house they’ve been in for 28 years to downsize to a bungalow in a much nicer area, last Wednesday was the big move day. People can accumulate a lot of rubbish in such a long period of time, and despite my pleas, hardly any of it had been thrown out. Why they want to keep bits of old Lego around is beyond me (well, it isn’t, they are hoping that their hypothetical future grandchildren will delight in playing with it.)

I arrived on Thursday night to find to my dismay that a vast mound of stuff was unpacked, or packaged in fruit and veg boxes in such a way as to make them unstackable. Now I’ve never before dealt with people in the removals trade, but I suspected their job is made considerably easier when all they have to do is move and stack taped up packing boxes, and the odd bit of furniture. To their credit they didn’t throw up a fuss, and in any case I bought about twenty packing boxes and re-packed most of the loose stuff. The downside was that in this last minute rush there was no organisation of what was in each identical white packing box – a problem which would come back to bite.

The other downside of my parents’ hoarding relates to the fact they were downsizing from a three bedroom terrace to a two bedroom bungalow. This fact appeared to have eluded them. For instance, we moved two double beds and a futon. Thankfully the bungalow has a garage, and the skip I hired the next day was full within two hours!

By Thursday evening, we’d managed to get the bungalow into some semblance of organised chaos, with pathways through various boxes allowing navigation. A trip to B&Q to buy a job-lot of loft floor boards left my dad with a job to do whilst I drove back to Southampton to enjoy my final day of holiday and to see Billy Joel with Lana on Friday night.

Lana and myself then drove back up to Luton on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend unpacking boxes, repacking them, shifting them up to the loft and building flat pack furniture.

The outcome of all this is that I’ve learnt that when it comes to Lana and myself moving, which will probably be in the not too distant future, it pays not to have too much to move. Hence I’ll be hitting eBay in style soon!

The other moral is to leave the relaxing sitting by the pool in the sun to the second week of a two week break from work.

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