Wireless Woes


I’m having increasing problems maintaining a decent wireless LAN connection in my flat. As the screenshot above shows, there are up to 13 access points found by the wireless adapter in my Thinkpad T42p. Finding a stable channel to set my Zyxel wireless router to is becoming increasingly difficult. A quick check using Netstumbler shows that pretty much every available channel is being used. Whilst the dropouts are annoying to me, they are doubly annoying to Lana who uses her iBook to Skype home a lot.

Interestingly, of the APs I can access, four are commercial hotspots (three run by the marina for boat owners, one by the nearby independent cinema) whilst the rest seem to be home ones. Of these three have no encryption on and I can join them and surf away happily!

4 thoughts on “Wireless Woes

  1. No, I wouldn’t, but over the weekend it has become a joke. I’ve seen up to 15 APs at any one time and there are no unused channels. Neither my Thinkpad or the iBook can maintain a connection for more than five minutes. I’ve tried most channels and also played with the settings on the Thinkpad wireless driver to no avail. Turning on “Interference Robustness” on the iBook’s Airport didn’t make any difference either.

    There doesn’t seem to be a particular pattern to when it happens, rather it seems to be all the time. Hence I don’t think it is likely to be a baby monitor or other interference, just the sheer number of APs.

    For now I’ve had to go back to good old Cat5.

  2. If you have carpets I would suggest putting “Gigabit Ethernet (CAT 6) Cable Super Flat” (with the double quotes) into a search on ebuyer.

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