There’s been a lack of entries to this blog over the last week, mainly because both Lana and myself have been laid up at home, ill. Lana came down with a chest infection and spent the whole of last week off work, whilst I appeared to pick it up (though not as bad thankfully) on Wednesday which ruled me out for the remainder of the week.

It was quite strange with both of us being sick at the same time. Lana became a Super Mario Bros addict on the Nintendo DS, whilst I opted to sleep a lot and go off food, meaning I’ve lost over half a stone in a few days. I’m quite keen to see if I can keep it off now! Valentines day was a wash-out, but thankfully we are heading off to Rome for a few days on Sunday so will make up for it there. I also missed out on another Hursley photo club meet up, and on Watford’s FA Cup match against Ipswich.

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  1. And there was me speculating that the illness was an excuse to go to the footie rather than come in to work on a Saturday! Anyway, hope you’re on the mend now.

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