Off to Dublin (for more than a weekend)

Lana and I are setting off early tomorrow morning to catch a ferry over to Dublin. There are a number of reasons for the trip, and a primary one is to get some stuff sorted for the wedding which I’ll be posting more about soon. We are back on Monday, so it might seem strange to take a car over for such a short time, but seen as a lot of friends and family know already I might as well spill the beans and say that we are planning to move over there around June time. There is still a whole load of stuff to be sorted out with regards to work for both of us, but nevertheless I’ll be making the move away from the UK (albeit not very far) and of course Lana will be returning home to where she grew up. It isn’t really that big of a deal considering that Lana’s family are already there, my mother and the whole side of her family are from Ireland anyway, and Ryanair and FlyBe flights are both cheap and plentiful.

So, the reason for taking the car is that it is packed to the brim with our first efforts at boxing up stuff to move over. Of course, it is all unnecessary stuff from the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Rest assured that all my toys and gadgets will remain in place until the last possible minute! The one toy I am taking over is the 400d which has been a little neglected of late (apart from a spring clean) and I’ll be aiming to get some good shots of Dublin over the weekend.

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