Dublin move ramping up

Well, since we returned from our recent visit to Dublin, things regarding our move over there have been proceeding nicely. The most important thing is that I appear to have found what is probably pretty close to my dream job over there. It’s not quite at the point where I can let the world know, but suffice to say I am very happy with how it is panning out. What’s certain is that it will provide me with a great new challenge and some really cool technologies to work on.

We are very much on track for moving over around the start of June, so lots of practical considerations are coming to bear. Things like getting a PRSI (social security) number, getting banking sorted out and not least working out how we are going to get the rest of our stuff over there.

Accommodation-wise we will probably stay with Lana’s parents to begin with whilst we search for a rental place in the first instance. The housing market in Ireland is probably in a more precarious state than in the UK at the moment so we aren’t immediately going to get ourselves on the ladder over there.

So, watch this space for more news!

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