Move gathering pace

I received the call from IBM HR today to say confirm the contract offer from Dublin, and to say that it was being Fedex’d to me and should be here on Friday. This has finally enabled me to confirm the end date in Hursley and start date in Dublin. My last day in Hursley will be on Friday 1st June, though I’ll be using a couple of days of holiday to take me up to an official end date of Tuesday 5th. The UK IBMers amongst my readers will know why that date is especially significant, as we get paid on the 6th of the month.

Talking of pay, my friend Rich reminded me that one of Gordon Brown’s last acts as chancellor will be to offer me a lovely tax rebate seen as I’ll have received just two months salary in the current tax year whilst paying tax on my expected yearly earnings.

Lana has been very busy packing up all non-essential stuff, to the point where the flat is now full of Staples boxes. Our original plan was to hire a van and book a ferry over to Dublin for the weekend before we go for good. This was all booked up and although it would be a long, long slog over a 48 hour period, it was the cheapest and least hassle way of doing it.

All that may have changed however as I was also told that I can claim up to €3000 in relocation expenses, including personal effects transport. The appointed relocation agents have already been in contact with me, and I’ve asked them for a quote to get our stuff over and store it until needed. This will make things easier all round and will also save us from taking up too much space at Lana’s parents place. Fortunately the ferry and van are fully refundable, bar £30.

As for housing over there, we will be staying with Lana’s folks for a few weeks whilst we find a place to rent. I’ve been busy looking at places on the ‘net at but you really need to be there to see places.

It’s getting closer and closer, and I can’t wait.

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  1. All the best mate, good working with you over the years and look forward to keeping intouch through your new role !!



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