Finally the ripping is finished

As previously blogged, I’ve been (re)ripping my entire CD collection to FLAC files for future posterity, and then re-encoding those into MP3 for use in iTunes, my iPod and for streaming around the flat.

Well I’ve finally finished, with exactly a week to go before we head off to Dublin. The timing is fortunate as my folks are coming down on Sunday to visit, and five boxes full of my CDs will be going back with them to be stored in their loft. Some final stats on the exercise:

CDs ripped: 618
Number of tracks: 7138
Total size of FLAC files: 183.43 GB
Total size of MP3 files: 26.2 GB

There were only a couple of CDs which were too badly damaged for Max to handle. There were also a few empty cases along the way, which have been swiftly replaced with versions from iTunes. Additionally I’ve been celebrating by purchasing a few albums from Irish artists, including Paddy Casey, The Frames, David Kitt and delorentos. I picked up on delorentos from the blog of our prospective wedding photographers James and Shawna who are also do a lot of work with bands and venues in Dublin.

I also belatedly picked up on the news from March that Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice have parted ways professionally. Anybody who has listened to most of the songs from Damien’s two albums will be familiar with Lisa’s amazing voice, so it will be very interesting to she what she comes up with on her own now. Looking at her Wikipedia entry, it appears she was also in the year below Lana at school!

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