Dublin – the first week

We’ve been here just over a week now, so it’s probably about time for an entry to say what we’ve been up to.

I’ll leave work aside as there’s not a whole lot to say other than it is going well and I’m tackling the steep learning curve of both the product and the work we have ahead. One slight annoyance is that a bit of a mix up between recruitment and HR means that the latter don’t actually know about me! This primarily manifests itself in a distinct lack of the company paying me the money I am due at the moment. This makes it pretty hard for us to go out and sort a place to live, but I’m sure it will be sorted.

So for the time being we are enjoying the gracious hospitality of Lana’s folks, who are treating us very well, especially in the nutrition department 😉 Whilst we are keen to get our own place sorted it is nice to know that we aren’t going to be homeless in the meantime.

Lucan itself is out on the west side of Dublin, outside of the M50 motorway and very close to some lovely countryside. It is also a short 15 minute car ride away from the IBM location in Mulhuddart which gives me a pleasant and stress free drive to/from work each day. We’ve taken advantage of the close countryside to venture out for the occasional walk along the River Liffey of an evening, especially as the weather over the past few days has been fantastic. One downside of the weather is that my hayfever seems to have gained a new lease of life over here. Compared to Southampton it is worse, but I guess that is down to not being so close to sea air and having lots of greenery around instead.

Talking of the fine weather, we took the opportunity of a trip to the seaside on Saturday. We had to go down to Blackrock to confirm our wedding cake choice, and drove onwards past Dun Laoghaire to a small beach at Sandycove, right next to the Joyce Tower – setting for much of the first chapter of Ulysses (a book which I’ve shamefully discarded far too early on – see my next post) We spent a good few hours just chilling out, reading and watching the world, whilst getting a few rays (and some sunburnt legs on my part)

On Saturday evening we went into the centre of the city and grabbed a very nice meal at the Siam Thai restaurant on Andrew Street. After that we fancied trying out a comedy club. I’d read about the one in the International Bar, but Lana was put off by the fact that it was a popular underage drinking haunt in her youth. She had bad memories of time spent throwing up in the toilets 😉 Instead we went across the road to The Bankers who had a stand up night on in their upstairs bar. Unfortunately it turned out to be more hit than miss. The MC was good value, but the four acts were generally disappointing. The odd good joke, but they failed to keep the audience on a roll, and there were some painful silences at times. Still, with a few beers consumed, and half a bottle of wine from the meal I was happy enough to enjoy the highlights.

This week has finally seen a bit of stormy weather arrive, but it won’t put me off going along to some 5-a-side football I’ve seen advertised on one of the work noticeboards. It’s one mission accomplished to find an alternative to the old Monday nights at Romsey School. At the weekend I’ll be heading into the city once again to take part in the second Dublin flickr meet. Conveniently Saturday sees both Bloomsday and the AIB Street Performance World Championships taking place, so there should be no shortage of photo opportunities to capture. Incidentally, Saturday is also the first anniversary of the upload of my first photo to flickr, so it’s a nice way to celebrate.

So all in all, so far so good.

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