Flat hunting

The job of flat hunting used to involve scrutiny of the local paper followed by hours taken off work driving around between various viewings only to find that the flat doesn’t match the glowing description, until you finally settle on a place due to it being good enough and a sense of growing desperation. Normally things are driven by having to find somewhere before you get kicked out on the street.

Fortunately, the latter problem isn’t one we have faced as Lana’s folks have been fantastic in accommodating us whilst we find somewhere.

And of course, in the modern age the leg work of flat hunting has been largely removed by the variety of web sites which provide pretty much all you need in terms of searching, images and descriptions to build a short list. Ireland is no different, with daft.ie being the main place people head for rented accommodation. We’ve been keeping an eye on it for the past could of weeks as we get ready to get somewhere, and built up a small shortlist of places to see. The first viewing was today, and thanks to the photos supplied we had a good idea that we would like the place. All it needed was a visit to confirm and check out the area.

As the photos on the link show, it’s a lovely 2 bedroom first floor apartment, with a huge main bedroom complete with walk-in wardrobe and en-suite, all of which has won Lana over. The second bedroom is a comfortable size with a double wardrobe. The lounge/diner is a nice size and has a lovely wrap around balcony, South facing for the sun. All in all, it answers every criticism of our old flat in Southampton. The area is very quiet, with lots of greenery around and about a 10 minute walk to the local shops. About 5 minutes drive away is Blanchardstown Shopping Centre with a load of shops including Borders. To cap it all, IBM is a stone’s throw away so my lie in time will be maximised. I might even buy a bike 😉

Lana’s parents are a 10 minute drive away, and links into the centre of Dublin are reasonable.

So, that’s the efficiency of modern flat hunting. Do your research on the web and go for the first place you see!

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