Flat Hunting part deux

So I was a bit premature in stating that this flat hunting lark was a piece of cake nowadays. After loving the first place we looked at, I got busy sorting out a landlord and work reference which were with the agent on Monday morning.

Prior to viewing the first place we’d also arranged a viewing of a place in Lucan village, close to where we are now with Lana’s folks (but just far enough away to be comfortable at the same time!) Lana decided to go see it anyway just as it was down the road. I didn’t bother as it would mean missing a meeting at work. Of course, you can guess what came next… Lana loved the second place even more. The trouble was that there were another couple interested, and the agent would not consider letting it until I’d seen it and she had meet me. They couldn’t show it again until the Thursday and despite sending over our references and offering to go to their office, they wouldn’t budge and the other couple got the place. What it did succeed in doing was sowing the seeds of doubt about the first place. We had told the first agent we were looking at another place and not to hold the first one on our account. She got other viewers interested so we thought it was only fair to tell her we were not interested in taking it after all.

So, back to square one, and it was back onto the web to search again. The plan this time was very much to stay in the Lucan area. A few possibilities were up there, but one had already gone and the other two were a bit too close to Lana’s folks for our liking (think Everybody Loves Raymond if you know what I mean) Fortunately however, this place turned up. It’s location is perfect and the flat is gorgeous. The second bedroom isn’t as big as we would like, but currently has no bed in it anyway. We’ve asked that it be left this way and we will get our own sofa bed so it can be more of a study for the majority of time when it is just us staying there.

So, with a following wind we should be in sometime next week.

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