The new abode

The flat

We finally moved into our new place about ten days ago. It is a two bedroom flat in a quiet area of Lucan, close to Lana’s folks and the Liffey Valley shopping centre. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my work, and a short drive for Lana’s new job, which she starts soon.

At first the flat felt huge (certainly compared to the old place in Southampton) but then all our stuff arrived over and filled it up 😉 Joking aside, there’s still plenty of room for us to kick about in. One of the things we’ve already taken advantage of is the balcony. Courtesy of Lana’s dad a really quite large gas barbecue has taken up residence out there. We used it for the first time last night as the rainy weather abated for an evening.

With Ireland being Ireland, not everything has gone smoothly with regard to the settling in process. The flat is in a new build, and this has caused a couple of snagging issues. One of the power sockets in the second bedroom isn’t actually connected up. In fact, when we took it out of the wall there was about two feet of unconnected power cable which came out with it. Pretty random.

The telephone has caused a few heads to be scratched as well. I phoned up Eircom to get it connected the day we moved in. That was done and a phone number given to us, but neither the master socket or the extension socket worked. After getting my screwdriver out to check they were wired up ok we found out that Eircom had not yet connected the entire building. Since then we’ve been told this has been done, but still our phones remain without ringtone. Eircom are sending out an engineer, but that takes 2-4 weeks apparently. I’m not bothered by the lack of a phone, but the lack of broadband is annoying. I’d almost be tempted to take out a 3G wireless subscription if they didn’t come with a 12 month contract.

Finally, the only other thing we are missing is a TV signal. The block is wired up by a company called Sky Conway. Confusingly, and rather disappointingly, they are nothing to do with Sky TV (although their logo is very similar…) Rather, they supply a communal TV system to the block which consists of 16 channels of what is essentially cable TV. This costs €16 per month. On top of that you can also get them to supply a proper Sky satellite feed from a communal dish. Whilst we have phoned them to sign up for the basic package for the flat and Sky Plus for the living room they haven’t yet given me any indication of when they are going to do it. Constant chasing up of people seems to be a common theme when dealing with companies over here!

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