I’ve been quiet on this blog for a past few weeks, for the simple reason that I’ve been busy getting married and going on honeymoon 😉 The wedding went off great, and Lana and I really enjoyed the day. We had a wedding blog up and running before the big day which we publiscised to the guests but which I guess people may want to look at now.

For the honeymoon we flew to Boston and spent ten days touring New England before fying back from New York. We drove over 1200 miles in all, taking in six states. I spent a lot of time behind the lens, shooting about 1000 frames. We took along the iBook and so I did some quick processing of some and stuck them up on flickr as we went along. I want to spend a lot more time going through them now we are back, so expect more 😉 Here’s a slideshow of them (which should update with new ones as I add them):

I originally wanted to buy a new lens whilst over there, and had my eye on either the EF-S 10-22 f3.5/4.5 or even better the EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS I tried the latter out in Calumet New York (B&H was closed as we were there on a Saturday) and it is a lovely lens, but in the end I decided to wait and think about it a bit more, despite the tempting exhange rate. I did buy a couple of little bits, including a diffuser for my 430EX Speedlight and a 32″ reflector.

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  1. Some great pictures Aidy – looks like you had a fantastic time away! North of New York is an area of the country I have always wanted to visit. Did you make it to Martha’s Vineyard? I read Benchley’s Jaws some time ago and love the look of the town in the film.

  2. Cheers Jamie, we certainly did. We didn’t make it over to Martha’s Vineyard as by the time we got to Hyannis on Cape Cod we’d driven over 700 miles and just flaked out for a few days. The scenery on the mainland was beautiful enough for us.

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