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EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM with EW-83J hood

As mentioned before I’ve been hankering after a new lens, specifically the Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS USM. Well after a fair amount of procrastination, I have it. It all happened rather by chance. Lana and I were in the city centre shopping and we wandered into a camera shop just for a browse. I asked if they had the lens in (just to have a look at and see the price) and the assistant said yes, but that they had also just taken a second hand one in which was €300 less than the new one’s price. On inspection of it and after taking some test shots on a 400D body I bought it. There are a couple of slight cosmetic marks on the outside of the body, but nothing to worry about. One often cited gripe about this lens is the fact that it easily lets in dust behind the front element. There are a few specks there, but again I’m not concerned about this. The shop honour a 1 year warranty on second hand lenses, and it can always be sent back to Canon for cleaning if it becomes too much of an issue (I can’t see that it has any effect on the images I’ve taken so far)

The lens is widely regarded to be L grade glass and the fact it isn’t designated so is probably down to the lack of dust and weatherproofing, and more likely that Canon don’t want to designate any EF-S mount lenses as L grade. The test shots I’ve taken so far indicate that the resolution of the lens is significantly better than the EF-S 18-55 kit lens it is replacing as my main walkabout lens. The addition of f2.8 throughout the zoom range and image stabilization mean it should also prove very useful in low light situations, something I’ve been quite frustrated with recently. I’m attending a friend’s wedding this coming week so am looking forward to giving it a good work out.

Finally, as you can see from the photo above, I also bought the EW-83J lens hood as well (again, the lens is not L-designated glass so it doesn’t come with one as standard) Normally Canon lens hoods are widely regarded as a rip-off. The price for this one on Warehouse Express is a whopping £43.99. For some reason it only cost me €25 (£17.44) which certainly cannot be sniffed at! I suspect that the assistant discounted it as I didn’t barter with him over the price of the lens, something I only thought about after the fact.

4 thoughts on “New glass

  1. Lovely. 🙂 Would adding a UV filter prevent the dust getting behind the front element? I’ve seen L lenses specify that dust/weather proofing is only the case with a filter fitted.

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  3. I’ve just bought one of these used, they are amazing I can do night work handheld at ISO 800 and the Images are still sharp. I’d love to weatherproof it. Do camera armour make lens covers?

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