Sampling Dublin pt 2: The Bistro

Part two of of the occassional series in which I try my hand at restaurant reviews. As I stated in part 1 I’m no food expert, but just describe what I do and don’t like.

The Bistro is a small family run restaurant located on Castle Market between William Street South and Drury Lane. We visited with Lana’s folks for a midweek evening meal and the restaurant was quite quiet. We sat downstairs but there is an upstairs dining section as well. The decor and tables were nice enough, and we were certainly made welcome.

The menu is fairly straightforward but with a good selection of choices. I got a bit carried away and made what a menu selection which with hindsight wasn’t the most balanced. To start I had deep fried brie which was lovely, followed by Confit of Duck. The duck was cooked to perfection, literally falling off the bone. After two fatty courses I then finished it off with the selection of irish cheeses. The combination of all this fatty left me feeling quite bloated and to be honest I regretted it the next day. The food itself was lovely though. The wine menu had a good selection of traditional and New World wines.

The service was fine, though given it was quiet I did expect a bit more attentiveness – keeping the wine glasses topped up would have been nice. I didn’t pick up the bill so can’t really comment on the price, but it seemed that the mains were possibly slightly higer priced than the overall dining experience would suggest was reasonable.

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