2007: a good year – part 1

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to anybody out there still reading this blog.

As years go, 2007 has been a pretty big one for me. It was always destined to be more special than usual as Lana and I were planning to make a move on from Southampton, the only question was where. The best way to tell the story of the year is through some of the photos I’ve taken along the way:

January saw me head out with the Hursley photo club on a photo trip to Winchester:

Winchester Cathedral 5

And heralded the arrival of the first gadget of 2007:

24" iMac

In February I joined Andy for the opening of the Southampton Apple Store:

Psyched staff 2

It also saw my first paid for photo in print when a yacht caught fire outside our flat:

Southern Daily Echo boat fire photo

But the biggest event of the month was our visit to Rome for Lana’s birthday:

Colosseum 2

Where I proposed marriage and got accepted 😉

March saw me spend a week in Rochester, Minnesota:

Don't Walk

Whilst this was a pre-arranged trip for work it also presented me with an opportunity to meet with somebody looking to get a foreign assignee in. The prospect of us moving out to the USA for a couple of years had been raised when my management mentioned the possibility of an assignment. They knew we were looking to move on and it was great of them to explore this avenue for me. The idea was appealing to us, but would have been a huge move especially with a wedding to plan. We decided that if the opportunity was there then we would go for it. As it turned out things didn’t transpire and in any case I doubt that it would have gone ahead anyway, at best case it wouldn’t have happened until much later in the year than we were planning.

April saw us making a trip over to Dublin for Easter:

Grafton Street, Dublin

As you may know, this is Lana’s home town and our most likely destination. This trip was purely for pleasure though, and to give Lana a chance to show off her engagement ring!

April also saw our friends Simon and Julia tie the knot:

Simon and Julia

It also saw me busily arranging a new job in IBM’s Dublin Software Lab where I’d be working on the next release of Lotus Connections.

May turned out to be an incredibly busy month. Whilst continuing my work on WebSphere ESB 6.1 in Hursley I was also sorting out all sorts of arrangement for the move over to Dublin, including what we would and wouldn’t be taking with us. One thing that would be staying in the UK was my entire CD collection which I’d been painstakingly ripping to digital versions for months:


The rest of the month was spent manically getting things ready, including a trip over to Dublin to sort out various bits of paperwork. It ended with a final Southampton visit from my Mum & Dad who we took along to Beaulieu Motor Museum:

Ferrari F40

Coming in part 2: the move over, the marriage and more!

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