My air travel in 2007

Following the lead of Andy and Roo, I’ve been totting up the number of airmiles I travelled in 2007, plotted on this map:

Adrian's flights in 2007

That’s a grand total of 23,137 miles, much more than I thought. I dread to think how many miles I used to clock up back when I was in a job which took me all over Europe for two years, with frequent US trips and a jaunt to South Africa added in. This time around there were only four segments of work-related flights: Heathrow to Chicago return and Chicago to Minneapolis. The rest were all for pleasure including flights from Heathrow to Rome, Stockholm and Boston.

Unsurprisingly after our move to Dublin we’ve been fairly regular customers of Ryanair, flying to three different UK destinations: Luton, Bournemouth and Leeds-Bradford.

A quick tot-up shows that I’ve flown with the following airlines in 2007:

Aer Lingus x1
American Airlines x3
Fly BMI x1
British Airways x2
Ryanair x5
Air France Cityjet x1

My award for best airline goes to British Airways for ease of check-in and in-flight service. They gained big bonus points for giving us champagne when flying back from Rome on Lana’s birthday. Top BA tip: if you ever find yourself checking in online for one of their 757s then row 26 is the one to go for.

Worst goes to American. I’ve only ever flown to the US on American, US Airways and Virgin. Up until this year I always rated AA above the others. However I’ve subsequently changed my mind. This has nothing to do with the fact that my best man phoned them up to inform them we were travelling on our honeymoon with them to no avail 😉 Seriously though, their in-flight service is surly and sometimes downright rude.

Best airport? Well I would say Detroit Metro Wayne County purely because it has a 1 mile long terminal with a monorail inside it, however I was there in 2006, not 2007. Therefore I’ll have to say Rome Fiumicino – clean, efficient and with a good range of shops.

Worst goes to Heathrow. This pains me to say as I have a love affair with LHR that went sour this year. My first ever flight was from there in 1986 when my dad took me on a surprise trip in a British Airways BAC 1-11 with Patrick Moore to watch Halley’s Comet. It is probably the airport I’ve travelled out of most, but this year I had to do something I’ve never done before: transfer through it. The flight connections centre is a complete, unorganized mess. Additionally, every single flight I’ve been on into or out of LHR this year has been late. I’ve given up counting the number of times I’ve heard the captain of a flight say that delays are due to air traffic hold ups at Heathrow. It is running too near to capacity, and I’m not sure a new terminal and runway are going to help that.

Finally, 2008 is getting off to a flier already (excuse the pun!) This weekend coming we are travelling from Dublin to Luton for the weekend. On the 19th I fly off to Orlando for work, we are planning a holiday in February and already have a large number of weddings lined up for later in the year including ones in Switzerland and Washington DC! Even the UK weddings we have will invariably mean two flights: one for the stag do and one for the day itself.

Edited to add a Dublin-London City flight I forgot!

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  1. I used to regularly transfer through LHR to or from Belfast, and I couldn’t agree more. The fact that they’re always rebuilding or renovating something somewhere really doesn’t help.

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