tap, tap, is this thing on?

Long time no speak.

Two months in fact.

What have I been up to? Well mainly work to be honest. Nothing much more exciting than that. We have been pretty much entirely heads down getting Lotus Connections 2.0 polished. Here’s a video about it:

There have been a couple of work-related highlights. A trip to Porto, Portugal to speak at an internal conference came up in April. Porto is a gorgeous place and I think Lana and I will definitely try to head over there (Ryanair fly direct from Dublin of course!) for a few days at some point. The second highlight is the fact that my work laptop is now a Macbook Pro! I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to use OS X on a daily basis for work…

Outside of work, the last few weeks have seen a lot of my focus being put on my mum and dad back in the UK. Mum had a fall a few weeks ago and broke her shoulder. She has subsequently had a successful operation, though caused some concern when her blood saturation dropped during surgery and subsequently spent a little time on the High Dependency Unit. However, she is now home and well on the way to recovery. I’ve made a couple of trips back to the UK over the past few weeks, and the current one has seen me here for over a week now. As well as my mum having her op last week, my dad had also been ill, and after a visit from the doctor, ended up going into hospital himself on the same day as the operation. Hence I ended up having both parents at different ends of the same hospital, and having to keep the truth from my mum in order to keep her as calm as possible before she went under. All in all it was a pretty stressful time for all concerned. Thankfully however both are on the mend, although my dad is still in waiting for his inflammatory markers to return to normal after being diagnosed with Barret’s Esophagus and a hiatal hernia.

During the earlier visit to see them I also popped up to Sheffield for my friend Dan’s stag do. I’ll most likely be in the UK for the coming weekend, then the weekend after sees us fly to Southampton for Dan and Alison’s wedding in Salisbury. The weekend after that we have another wedding in Weggis, Switzerland as well. All in all I’ll have spent precisely zero weekends in Dublin in May!