Two cool tools for Apple (and other) order and delivery tracking

One of the most popular entries on this blog is “The ins and outs of Apple shipment and order tracking” However, that post is nearly two years old, and things move on.

We recently took advantage of the Apple Black Friday sales to order a new 13″ Macbook for Lana. Of course, this had me revisit that post and start tracking the status of the deliver. In this case it was a straightforward standard configuration with nothing else added onto the order, so it was processed as a Fast Ship (EMEA) order.

The Apple order status page and tracking links showed that UPS were the carrier. It took at least a day for their tracking system to show any details however. Checking back every now and then was annoying.

Delivery Status Dashboard widget

That led me to discover the awesome Delivery Status dashboard widget, and also the equally awesome Delivery Status Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch, from JuneCloud. Both allow you to insert your order numbers/tracking numbers for a large variety of online shops and couriers including Apple, Amazon, UPS, TNT, Fedex, DHL and more. They will then show you the order/tracking status in a lovely UI. The dashboard widget also has Growl integration which is great as you don’t need to keep going into Dashboard to see if things have changed.

Delivery Status Touch

The iPhone/Touch app is available from the App Store and provides the same basic functionality, but also allows you to see the actual provider order/tracking page as well as showing you locations on a map. It can sync with the dashboard widget as well so you only need to enter the order or tracking numbers once.

2 thoughts on “Two cool tools for Apple (and other) order and delivery tracking

  1. Understatement of the day, from your previous blog entry from Jan 2007: In fact, it seems Apple customers are really quite anal when it comes to tracking where their precious delivery is!

    I should probably avoid macrumors and stuff since my macbook pro is arriving tuesday next week (or so they say) and it will simply make me more impatient, but I’m not. oh well. that dashboard widget looks awesome and very useful if you order a fair amount of stuff (apple or not) and are impatient.

    makes you wonder how people ever got by without the internet. 😉


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