Enabling Sametime integration with RTC 2.0 on Mac OSX

The Rational Team Concert 2.0 Infocenter covers how to enable integration between the RTC Eclipse client and IBM Lotus Sametime on Windows and Linux platforms. However it doesn’t cover Mac OSX, probably because the RTC client for OSX is only an incubator.

The good news is it is perfectly possible and the steps are basically the same. The additional good news is that it also appears to work fine with newer Sametime versions than those specified. I have got it up and running with the embedded Sametime in Lotus Notes 8.5.1 for example

To get it working follow the Infocenter instructions but at step 1.a where it talks about modifying plugin_customization.ini you’ll need to know where to find that on Sametime or Notes on OSX:

For Sametime:

  1. In Applications find Sametime.app
  2. Right click and choose Show Package Contents
  3. In the Finder window that pops up go to Contents/MacOS/rcp and you’ll find plugin_customization.ini in there

For Notes embedded Sametime:

  1. In Applications find Notes.app
  2. Right click and choose Show Package Contents
  3. In the Finder window that pops up go to Contents/MacOS/rcp and you’ll find plugin_customization.ini in there

Then just edit the file and set the:


property. You will likely find the property already specified, but with the false value so just change to true.
If you are using the Notes embedded Sametime then step 1.c is also slightly different. You will find the menu you need under File | Application | Install…
Then just follow the rest of the Infocenter instructions and everything should work!

Our dogs

Having just said that this blog is going to primarily focus on work/software stuff here’s a personal post 🙂

Anybody following me on Twitter or Facebook will know that over the last few months we’ve had some pretty significant changes in the Spender household. Here’s the full story.

We both grew up in and around families with dogs and have often talked about the time when we will be able to get some of our own. With us both working full time and living in a flat we never thought it practical or frankly fair. Then one day Lana came home from work…

It’s a long story for another time, but in short, we found ourselves with a dog which had been effectively surrendered into Lana’s care. The dog in question was a less then year old Jack Russell Terrier cross (with what we don’t know but we suspect some Corgi in there which would make her a Cojack!) We did the usual things you do with a stray/lost dog including a trip to the vets to check for a chip, posters, informing the Gardai and so on. After a week or so of convincing ourselves we could not possibly keep her we arranged for an animal rescue in Co. Wicklow to take her. On the day we took her down but couldn’t come to let her go. So it was that Lucy became part of the family!


This meant a number of adjustments to our lifestyle. Firstly we moved to a house with a garden. Luckily our lease was up shortly anyway and due to the market our new 3 bed house was significantly less rent than the flat! In addition, Lana quit her job and has subsequently found a better, part time position in nursing which offers us much more flexibility around being making sure that one or both of us are around for most of the time. It also meant I finally had the excuse to give up my 11 year old Mondeo for a nice nearly new Avensis estate.

The summer with Lucy was fantastic. She really became an integral part of the family and has charmed everybody who has met her. She has had her fair share of visits to the vet for allergies and the odd infection. Perhaps that may be why somebody decided they couldn’t cope with her because you would have to be mad to give up such a dog otherwise.

The plan once we were in a position to get dogs was to always get two so recently we began the search for a companion. The plan was to get a similar size and breed, but a male (of course we’ve had Lucy spayed) The plan was also to get a rescue dog. After much looking around, we found Jack:


Once again, he has settled in brilliantly and is getting along great with us all. Naturally there has been some jostling for position between him and Lucy (she is winning) and the occasional argument over food or toys but overall everything has been really good. it is great to see them literally bounce off each other and provide endless hours of amusement for both them and us!

New look, new focus

This blog has been horribly stagnant for a number of months now. There are lots of reasons why that might be: Twitter, work pressures, general lack of enthusiasm for blogging. Probably all of those and more.

Previously I’ve kept work-related posts to a minimum and tried to focus on more personal stuff. That’s going to change in an attempt to revitalize my blogging. As an IBM software developer there are often things that I need to be careful about mentioning in public and that will certainly remain the case. However there are a lot of IBMers publicly talking about their work and where it takes them and I don’t see why I can’t too.

So from now on you can expect to see much more about Lotus Connections and my work interests in general. One thought I’ve had is to do some periodic posts on aspects of WebSphere Application Server that Connections administrators may find useful. I’ve been a user of WAS for ten years and have both consulted on it as well as develop parts of it in the past so hopefully I can provide some hints and tips of value to those not so familiar with the application server.

However it won’t all be about Connections and WebSphere. I’ve a great interest in agile development and in particular Rational Team Concert so there will likely be the odd post about that, as well as other software engineering and social computing topics that take my fancy.

Of course, it won’t all be work and no play – there will still be occasional posts about a new toy, hobby, pursuit or other activity. I’ll make sure to use categories well so you can skip past the stuff you don’t want to read.

If you still have me in your feed reader then thanks for sticking around and let me know what you think.