IBM Hursley is hiring!

IBM Hursley Park

A number of jobs are currently being advertised on IBM's European Career Centre pages, including some recently posted jobs working for IBM Software Group here in Hursley. For those that don't know, Hursley Park is a rural location about four miles outside of Winchester, Hampshire. We develop a variety of products that help to form IBM's Application Integration Middleware portfolio, including CICS, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and many more. Hursley is also the home of IBM's Java Technology Centre, where we develop IBM's JVM implementations, a Storage Software team, and a group doing work on IBM's Information Management products. There's a lot more development groups and products I've missed as well.

All this is backed up by a thriving lab-based services team and teams working on emerging technologies, such as the guys over at eightbar. In addition, the site itself is also used by IBM's services division, and some large customer projects are based on-site.

As an environment to work in, I honestly don't think you can get better. We are well away from the ratrace and the facilities onsite are second to none including a gym, sports hall, clubhouse with bar and various facilities. Two football pitches, cricket pitch, tennis courts, softball, 2km fitness trail, local village shops and pubs and a lot more. The main thing about working here though is the people you get to work with. In my experience they are simply the best.

There are a number of open vacancies at the moment, and you can access them from the link above by selecting United Kingdom as the country and Research & Development as the professional area. Opportunities exist for Java and C/C++ developers and testers, z/OS specialists and information developers/technical writers. My specific reason for posting this however is that some of these vacancies are in the WebSphere ESB team. Notably:

72530 – WESB Developer for Install, Samples & First Steps

71162 – WebSphere ESB Functional Verification Tester

3 thoughts on “IBM Hursley is hiring!

  1. Hey mate. Stumbled on your site. Fellow IBMer and a fellow 360 gamer. Who’d have thought it? Just started an assignment down here in Hursley though normally based in Glasgow. I’ll look you up on Live perhaps, since we both appear to have the same games. 🙂

  2. On checking the career centre site, neither the country nor the category are available in the drop downs. Is a login required or have the posts all been filled?

  3. Hi Mike,

    This entry is exactly a year old, and since then IBM UK has changed the system it uses for advertising jobs so the link in the entry is no longer correct. You should go to the main page for UK careers here. Currently that page has a link to hot jobs based in Software Group in Hursley, but it is not currently showing anything. Alternatively, click on the search vacancies link on the same page and it will take you to the new system which shows vacancies in the UK, Ireland and a few other countries. That also suggests that there are not currently any jobs being advertised at Hursley.

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