Do avatars dream of virtual sheep?

(With apologies to Philip K. Dick.)

As the Switzerland v Ukraine game was threatening to send me to sleep yesterday evening, I fired up Second Life and happened to meet up with Ian from eightbar, who gave me some great pointers about getting around and understanding the world (along with some nice bikes and boats!) Ian has been doing a lot of investigation into the area of virtual worlds/MMOs and how the potential that exists in virtual worlds may be harnessed. When reading and listening to him on the subject, you can’t help but be enthused.

So much so, that I woke up this morning from a rather vivid dream in which I found myself talking to a room of people about mash-ups, Second Life, wet-ware grids and a load of other Web 2.0/3.0 buzzwords. Quite worrying!

My dream also gave me an idea of what I might build in my first go at creating something in SL that interacts with the “real” world”, but more on that later…

P.S. A link for all your virtual sheep needs 😉

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