Watford ‘keeper on Dragons’ Den

Fresh from facing Manchester United last Saturday, Watford goalkeeper Richard Lee appears on tonight’s edition of Dragons’ Den. Apparently he and his business partner are looking for investment in their baseball cap business. Should be interesting to watch, and hopefully they will be on for more than 30 seconds. Richard always comes across as a nice bloke, and does not fit the typical footballer stereotype. Saturday was his first appearance in 16 months after an unsuccessful loan spell at Blackburn so it is good to see that he has pursued other non-footballing avenues during that time.

2 thoughts on “Watford ‘keeper on Dragons’ Den

  1. Well, they managed to get Duncan Bannatyne to invest, something nobody else has done this series!

    I have to say that I don’t hold out great hopes for Dr. Cap as a business though. They seem to be selling caps from a US company named New Era. A glance at the New Era website reveals dozens of UK retailers selling the same stuff.

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