Caffeine Withdrawal

I’m three days into an attempt to cut out my consumption of caffeine. I’d typically drink 3-4 medium black coffees a day, and maybe a couple of Cokes. Since Coke Zero has come onto the market I’ve been drinking a bit more of that than I previously would, but of course caffeine is the one thing there is in it!

The reason for cutting it out is mainly because I don’t like the way it makes me feel, that wired feeling you get when you’ve had too much, particularly when I’m trying to get off to sleep. Secondly, I have a family history of high blood pressure and about a 18 months ago I wore a 24 hour blood pressure monitor which showed that mine is higher than it should be for my age.

So, having noticed that my consumption has gone up recently, I decided to go cold turkey and cut it out altogether. As a result I’m currently 48 hours into a fairly intense headache, and concentration in the afternoons at work is difficult. I never really suffer headaches normally so this was a bit disconcerting, but reading up on it, the headache is the most common symptom of caffeine withdrawal and is caused by the drop in blood pressure causing the body to pump more blood to the head.

Hopefully in a few more days things should return to normal. In the meantime I’ll have to get used to grabbing a glass of water when the regular coffee runs happen at work.

2 thoughts on “Caffeine Withdrawal

  1. I did this about 18 months ago. I failed. The headache was horrible. In the end I caved – I was stood in D block coffee bar and just decided to screw the herbal tea, and get another coffee.

    Mind you – my consumption is lower than yours – maybe 2 coffees a day. That’s still not good, I grant you. Oh well.

  2. Hmm, I didn’t know that about the headaches – that explains a lot of stuff. Mind you, the jittery feeling in the afternoon certainly ain’t good.

    The problem is, tea and coffee are genuinely nice. The stuff at work is pretty awful, but what I make at home is much better. I have tried to avoid tea and coffee at work in the past, whilst still ‘using’ it at home, but caved in in the end. Maybe I’ll give that another go.

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