WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks, but my blogging has suffered as it’s been particularly busy at work recently.

Talking of which, IBM is gearing up for our big SOA launch and announcements on October 9th, and after that I’ll be using this blog to start to discuss some the the ESB related aspects of what we will be announcing in more detail.

One thing that sneaked out in advance of the launch is the first release of our new WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. WSRR provides the tool to tackle one of the thorny issues of SOA, namely the management of metadata. At the most basic level services require description of what they provide, and WSRR provides the repository to hold these enabling your ESB to dynamically discover and route to these services. WSRR extends beyond the like of UDDI to enable management of much more than WSDL. It can manage arbitrary XML, XSD, BPEL and SCA metadata for instance.

However WSRR provides much more than a simple repository by enabling you to define relationships and categories of services, the data they use and much more into an ontology which is relevant to your business. Features such as impact analysis enable you to quickly identify what impact changes to a service will have.

All this helps to tackle the issue of SOA governance. If you can use WSRR to hold the definition of services within an organisation and use a meaningful categorisation scheme then you can go a long way to fostering an environment in which your SOA implementation can deliver on the promise of reusable business services.

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