WebSphere ESB 6.0.2 Announced

IBM have today announced the forthcoming release of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 6.0.2, along with new releases of WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer. All will be released electronically on 22nd December, or 19th January 2007 on physical media.

I’ll be highlighting the new features in WESB 6.0.2 in a number of forthcoming posts, but to give a short rundown you can expect:

  • Greater dynamicity – e.g. the ability to dynamically reconfigure endpoints, ability to view and modify mediation primitive properties after deployment via the admin console/commands.
  • Dynamic service selection – ability to select an endpoint based on some criteria for example by using the Database Lookup primitive, or the new Endpoint Lookup primitive which interacts with the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository.
  • New mediation primitives – Message Element Setter for directly setting parts of the SMO without the need to use XSLT. CEI Emitter for outputting Common Business Events from within a mediation flow to feed directly into WebSphere Business Monitor.
  • New bindings – Connect directly to native WebSphere MQ queues, and MQ JMS rather than using MQLink. Provided data bindings for all JMS message types.
  • Usability improvements – easier configuration and administration, especially for clusters.
  • Performance improvements – across the board performance improvements

That’s a lot of new function, and on top of all that you now also get the WebSphere technology adapters bundled in as well.

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