First efforts with the 400D

Winch and lines

I worked from home today, and a mid-afternoon glance out of the window showed some nice light outside so I took the 400D out for it’s first proper play. The location being just outside our flat in Ocean Village. I spent an hour and a half wondering around trying to find compositions that wouldn’t appear too snappy, and playing around with the camera settings. I shot mainly in aperture priority using both lenses, and had my first taste of RAW processing using Adobe Lightroom on the iBook. Processing-wise my experimentation was limited to the presets – I need to do a lot more reading up on the various controls and the effect they will have.

I’m pretty pleased with the results though, for a first go anyway. I accidentally left the camera on ISO 400 for a few of them which has left them a little noisy. Some choice ones are up on flickr, any comments and constructive criticism welcome!

3 thoughts on “First efforts with the 400D

  1. I think that’s probably the biggest difference having a DSLR has made to made – I simply take more time and put more thought in to composing shots.

  2. I agree – looking good so far. And leaving the wrong setting on is pretty common so don’t sweat that either…

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