Very useful firefox plugin

I’m a fan of Firefox, but I don’t randomly browse all the available plugins and only tend to install one if I come across it and if it will genuinely improve the usability of the tool.

One issue I continually have is that I use the Firefox password manager to store my various userid/password combos. However, I’m not a particularly good user of tabs and always seem to close the main browser window when I’ve finished looking at a page. Therefore I often find myself closing Firefox completely only to then start it up a few minutes later when clicking on a link in email for example. Each time I go to a password protected site (which believe me is often in IBM!) I end up being asked for the master password which gets a bit tiresome. The startup time for FF when my machine is busy is also annoying.

So, I googled for something to help me out and came across the MinimizeToTray plugin which fits the bill perfectly. It works fine on FF 2.0 and handily pops the browser into the system tray when I close the window. As such FF is always running and ready for me to browse, with my master password only entered once. Thanks to my adherence to the computer security guidelines within the company I can rely on the OS to protect everything if I’m away from my desk.

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