ZamZar – new online file conversion service

A colleague told me today about a new web site at which provides an online file conversion service for document, image, audio and video file formats. It seems to cover a wide array of popular and not so popular file formats, and has particularly good  support for audio and video formats.

So, another new business in the web 2.0 world that’s causing a bit of a buzz on places like digg.

The difference with this one is that one of the two brothers who have set this up is a colleague, and football team-mate of mine, Chris Whyley. Chris is a lovely guy and seems to have hit on a nice sideline outside of the day job with this venture. The site looks great and I’ll definitely be trying it out. Coming as he does from one of our test teams, Chris’ colleagues have been having fun finding the odd little bug, as any new site will tend to have, but from the comments I’ve read out on the ‘net it seems to be going down very well.

There’s an interview with Chris and his brother/business partner over at Folksonomy, and they are keeping a blog as well. Good luck guys (but don’t get too successful Chris, we need you around for our assault on the Hursley 4-a-side football league!)

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