Spitfire flypast @ Hursley

Spitfire 5

Back before IBM bought and populated the Hursley Park site, it was a temporary wartime home to staff from Supermarine (and then Vickers) who were bombed out of their original location on the Itchen river in Southampton. As such, Hursley played its part in the development of one of the most effective and loved planes of the Second World War.

On 28th November 2006, Harry Grifiths, the last remaining member of the original design team so famously led by R J Mitchell, passed away. In memory of him, and on the day of his funeral, 8th December, Hursley Park witnessed a flypast and display by a Spitfire. It spent about five minutes performing above the house and south lawn with the unmistakable noise of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine reverberating around.

With the sky being drab and grey, it was difficult to get any decent pictures, but what ones I did get are up on my flickr site.

RIP Harry.

2 thoughts on “Spitfire flypast @ Hursley

  1. Was just checking out your shots on Flickr – the Spitfire 4 photo is excellent ! I forwarded the link to a pilot friend of mine who was going to come down for the fly past but couldn’t make it in the end. Good work !

  2. I was looking for some other Hursley info and found this which solves a conundrum for my neighbour and I in South End Close who thought he had us in his sights as he headed straight towards us!

    Thanks for the pic.

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