This blog has recently received its 10,000th view, and my flickr site has just gone past 2,000. A few stats and facts about both:

  • Blog stats: 76 posts, 98 comments, 23 tags, 478 spam comments!
  • Most viewed post: BT Broadband HomeHub
  • Most commented post: New Toy!
  • Technorati ranking: 457,369 (though it seems to have stopped tracking me for some reason I’ve not been able to resolve)
  • Flickr stats: 210 photos, 18 contacts, 12 sets
  • Highest number of photos in Explore at any one time: 3
  • Most interesting (and favoured) photo:
    Father Christmas
  • Most viewed photo:
    IBM Hursley Park
  • Most commented photo:
    Weather vane

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