Frosty morning

As you may have heard, the weather in England (at least the South) at the moment is foggy. Very foggy. It has also turned very cold in the last couple of days. I’m currently staying with my parents in Luton, about 30 miles North of London, and this morning was rudely awoken by my mother encouraging me to look at the frozen cobwebs in their garden. They’ve only been in this house for a few months and it does appear to be a haven for all sorts of arachnids. Needless to say it was an opportunity to get the camera out:

Frozen Web 2

Frozen Web 1

Frosty Leaf

Frosty Leaves 1

Rose stem

Frosty Flower

Tommorow I’ll bring you some of the fog!

One thought on “Frosty morning

  1. Yesterday was particularly good for this. I drove to Hursley admiring the frozen trees along the M3. Today I set my alarm for a 7am start but the temperature is too high and no frost.

    Wonderful shots.

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