Yahoo Labs WorldExplorer mashup

The O’Reilly Radar have discussed the new World Explorer mash-up created by the folks at Yahoo’s Berkely research lab. It takes publicly geotagged photos from flickr and combines them with Yahoo Maps to create a mash-up from which you can view photos associated with a particular surrounding. It has some algorithm to display tags relevant to a particular area. What’s more, there is also a night option which will only show tagged photos taken at night to give you a different perspective.

You can embed the maps into web pages, blogs etc. via a nifty little flash app generator called Badger. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be happy with the embedded object HTML so I guess we will have to wait for them to do a similar thing as they’ve done for YouTube and Google videos, hint, hint 😉

The underlying technology from Yahoo is called TagMaps, and it supports APIs to allow you to create your own tag maps from data you provide via a REST interface.  I’ve been playing with Google Maps and its APIs quite a bit over the last few months, but I’m getting more and more impressed with the functionality of the Yahoo stuff and am keen to have a play.

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