24″ iMac – initial random thoughts


Wow! Some random thoughts before I collate a more considered post tonight:

  • It comes in a very big box.
  • It is quite disconcerting when the invoice stuck to said box is made out to some guy in France…
  • … though he seems to have gone for the 3GB…
  • … but only the 128MB graphics card.
  • Phew, it is actually mine.
  • Why is Apple packaging so, well, cool.
  • Blimey it’s big.
  • But very, very nice.
  • Lots of system updates to download.
  • Firmware update. Please don’t go wrong…
  • …Phew.
  • 1920×1200 rocks.
  • Wires from the keyboard and mouse are annoying me already.
  • Very easy to transfer stuff over from the iBook via firewire.
  • Did I say it was big?
  • Play with FrontRow. Remote is cool.
  • 1080p trailer of 300 at native res, impressive.
  • Installed Lightroom. Wow, this is what I bought it for!

Lightroom comparison

  • SecondLife and Google Earth are sweet. Might actually tempt me to spend a decent amount of time in SL now.
  • Photoshop Elements runs quick, even under Rosetta.
  • CD drive is very quiet.
  • Very, very happy.

6 thoughts on “24″ iMac – initial random thoughts

  1. Very nice – I certainly envy you the processor, my AMD struggles a bit sometimes. And the monitor looks sweet. I used to run at 2048×1536 on my 22″ CRT but after a while I realised it’s just not usable for anything involving reading text.

    I think what I really want is two of those 24″ beauties… (or some slightly cheaper non-Apple equivalent anyway).

    It’s certainly brighter, but how does the colour compare. I’ve noticed a huge difference in viewing photos on different screens which is somewhat annoying when uploading to flickr or printing. I believe I mostly solved it with some calibration, but I’m not totally convinced the colour space is consistent.

  2. Well, the colour compares well with what the iBook produces, and with what comes out of my printer. One of the nice things about OS X is that colour management is built into the OS and every application is profile aware. I’ve run through the colour calibration in system preferences, but am tempted to try something a bit more thorough. As a start I think I’ll get some prints from Photobox and get them to include their colour chart as I’ve lost the last one.

  3. “colour management is built into the OS”
    Ah – well that’ll be the difference then. Serves me right for sticking with Windows…

    I found Adobe Gamma Loader, that came with something, possibly even the graphics card, was the most thorough at calibration. But finding the thing to run the config utility was more of a challenge than it should be. The thing itself runs automatically, but the config progam is buried in a directory somewhere.

  4. ok. I’m officially jealous. I’ve just upgraded (RAM, HDD, DVD) my 4yr old iMac to buy me some time, and budget is not for computers this year. But … but… that 24″ is simply beautiful…

    Do you only use it only for computer purposes or will it also be for TV/DVD viewing also?

  5. Hi Jean-Francois,

    Well it will mainly be for computer purposes. I’m lucky enough to have a 32″ LCD TV for TV and DVD stuff. However, given the iMac can display 1080p HD video without any scaling then when Apple launch the iTunes movie/tv stuff in the UK that might change.

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