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As Andy has blogged, Adobe Lightroom 1.0 is now available for pre-order. As a big user of the beta I’m definitely going to get it, so I popped along to the Adobe online store. The UK promo price including VAT is £146.88. For this they ship you a box, CD and manual. However, there is also a download option via which you can simply download the software on purchase (or release day I guess) This allows you to re-download should you have to. Nice.

The thing I find baffling though is that the cost of the download option is £151.25. Why more expensive?

Update: Taking the boxed version through to checkout adds a shipping fee of £5.11 making a total of £152.88 including VAT. So for saving them any variable costs incurred in sending you a box you save the princely sum of £1.63

Update 2: After order completion it lists the estimated shipment date as 20th February.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom preorder

  1. That is bizarre!

    My copy is going to be the download option, since that’s what they have promised to Rawshooter people. I’m assuming that the manual will be available online.

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