This blog has moved here!

Congratulations, you’ve found the new home for Drive Through!

I’ve finally decided that as a software geek I should probably start hosting this blog myself. As such I’ve bought some hosting space from Register1 and a new domain name (well, actually the same name in .com,, .net and .org varieties) All the content from the hosted site should be copied over, including comments and categories. Installation and the export/import were all very smooth. The only problem came with hitting a hosting provider limit on PHP script memory usage when importing the old site. I had a duh moment and went back to delete all the askimet spam comments which reduced the xml from 1MB to about 400k. There were no problems after that.

I’ve yet to update the template from the standard, and also add my blogroll. However what I have done is install plugins for Google Analytics and Feedburner to replace the stats which generates. Over time you’ll probably see a few more minor changes, including possibly adding some google adwords stuff.

I’m not planning on updating the version of Drive Through… any more, so to keep up to date with me from now on, please update your bookmarks to:

and your feed reader to: (or just click the feed icon your browser gives you)

I’ve yet to figure out what I need to do with the version of this blog. Obviously there are google and technorati search hits which will still find it, so people may still be commenting on posts there. Hence the rather obvious title to this entry which hopefully will give people the hint 😉

4 thoughts on “This blog has moved here!

  1. Care to say more about what you needed to do to get set up on your new host?

    Did you have to go to the level of ssh’ing into a server, installing WordPress, setting up Akismet or some other plugin, how did you do the import, etc…

    You might get the sense that I’m now interested… 😉

  2. Also there’s something weird going on, if I click a link on your blogroll I get sent to the page, but still see your URL in the address bar…

  3. Ok, detailed post about the technicalities of getting it set up on the way.

    On the other point, I’ve just checked, and I see that behaviour if I come in from which all redirect to the .com domain. Looking at the setup, it was set to use a frame based forward for all pages which I’ve now removed. Should be fixed now.

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