Hursley photo club Winchester challenge

Last Saturday a good number of Hursley folk met up in Winchester for a two hour photography challenge. The brief was simply to take photos, meet up and have a bit of fun. I, along with most people seemed to gravitate towards the cathedral, though I ventured onto the High Street later on to capture some street and candid shots. Each person then puts forward three of their shots for the competition, though that’s competition in the loosest sense of the word. In any case, here are the three shots I selected:


Winchester Cathedral 5

Winchester Cathedral HDR:

Winchester Cathedral 1

Blind Busker:

Blind Buskers 2

I’m proud of the first one as the burning of the clouds in PSE really made it. The second one is a composite of 9 separate exposures bought together using FDRTools. The third is something a bit different from the last two, but not a bad shot all the same despite the camera shake.

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