Southampton Apple store to open on 10th February

Apple Store Southampton (Matty Turner)
Image from flickr user mattyturner licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

For months now, a simple black facade with an Apple logo has hidden one of the shops in Southampton’s West Quay shopping mall. Each time I passed I wondered what was going on inside, and when the store would open. Yesterday Apple emailed out to say that the opening will be at 9am on Saturday 10th February. The first 1000 people through the door get a free t-shirt. I intend to be there with DSLR in tow to capture the events, and maybe pick up a couple of bits for the iMac!

More details on the store over at Apple.

7 thoughts on “Southampton Apple store to open on 10th February

  1. I’ll be there, I hope the employees are wearing red apple t-shirts. I got one from the Mother Ship just before Christmas and the thought of confusing customers appeals to my technological / social -engineering dark side!

    This is by far the best eddition to WestQuay since it opened.

  2. There’s also a prize draw with the winner getting a MacBook and a iPod Nano (and some other bits and bobs) – given that it’s only open until Tuesday you’ve probably got better odds of winning than in many competitions.

  3. Actually I disagree with that analysis and would say I am firmly on the fence wrt the iPhone. I’m not that keen on the first generation iPhone. From a European point of view the lack of 3G isn’t good, and as mentioned elsewhere the fact it isn’t open to third party development is not ideal. Once they sort those problems out then great, I’ll get one. For now I’m perfectly happy with my Nokia N80.

    Now as and when they produce the same form-factor, multitouch equipped true video iPod with 80GB+ storage, that’s another matter. I’ll be at the head of the queue to replace my 15GB 3G iPod!

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  5. Not sure I’d call the article an ‘analysis’ 🙂 What I think he was trying to drive at is that Apple products tend to appeal to a certain group of people who value shininess and usability as being worth a price premium (at least, that’s the impression I get from that and other articles). I thought taking pictures of the Apple store might place you in that group. Maybe it’s just photography practice though?

    I’ll stop being so mischevious now 🙂

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