Yahoo Pipes

As previously mentioned, I have a grand plan to do some funky web2.0 style stuff on this web site. However, with the new Yahoo Pipes service, maybe I don’t need the space after all. The premise behind Pipes is to bring the power of Unix pipes and filters to the world of feeds, allowing the mashup of multiple feeds into one. The service supports some pretty powerful bit of functionality (or modules as they call them) to perform analysis and processing of the feeds. There’s some good posts over on the O’Reilly Radar about how Pipes work, and one from a rather excited Tim O’Reilly on why he thinks Pipes is a “milestone in internet history”.

One thought on “Yahoo Pipes

  1. The main Pipes site seems overloaded at the moment.

    This sounds SERIOUSLY exciting. I’m going to check it out fully as soon as possible.

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