Southampton Apple Store grand opening

Queue 1

Both Andy and myself were present at the opening of the Southampton Apple Store this morning. Having underestimated the popularity of the event and left my departure accordingly late I was glad that Andy managed to secure an impressive place in an even more impressively long queue, which almost reached down to the exit from West Quay onto the High Street.

After some frankly quite embarrassing staff whooping and hand slapping, they opened up the shutters to let in the hordes. With what seemed like a full complement of staff and of course a huge amount of punters the most immediate impression was that the store itself is, well a little small. I was expecting it to have two floors, as with most Apple stores I’ve been to. The DVD shop which was there before certainly did.

Filing in 2

I spent most of my time wandering around taking photos, some of which are now up on flickr (slideshow here) Andy meanwhile had a mission to spend, and came out with a new toy, but I’ll let him tell you about that 😉

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