My first photo in print

Yacht fire

Last night a yacht caught fire in the marina we live in. From the comfort of my own bedroom I was able to get about 50 shots off whilst the blaze took hold, the mast collapsed, something caused a small explosion, and the firefighters tackled the blaze. After emailing off 15 of the best to the Daily Echo picture desk, they have selected one of them to accompany their story on page 6 of todays edition. It is already up on their web site with a byline, which the print edition should carry as well. They are paying £30 for the photo.

The boat was empty, nobody was hurt.

Quite chuffed!

Update: I’ve picked up the paper. Page six, four column colour photo as main photo above the headline. Very chuffed 🙂

4 thoughts on “My first photo in print

  1. Fantastic! (about your photo, not the boat). Congratulations. You’ve every right to be chuffed.

    What format did they take – a full-sized JPEG?

  2. Cheers! Initially I emailed them 800px wide, 72 dpi jpegs. When they phoned this morning I emailed over a full res 300dpi jpeg of the requested picture.

  3. Ah, well the fire service were already in attendance by the time we noticed it (or rather all the flashing blue lights) so I figured any attempt at heroics was best left to the pros!

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