Lightroom 1.0 – first thoughts

I’ve been spending a bit of time playing with the 1.0 release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom since the 30-day trial became available on Monday. My hardcopy version hasn’t arrived through the post yet.

Overall I’m impressed with the changes that are in from the 4.1 beta. The most notable change for me is the stacking capability. I have tended towards taking a lot of bracketed shots for later use in HDR and playing around in Elements, not to mention just carpet bombing multiple bracketed exposures in the hope of getting the right one. All this leads to a typically large number of exposures of the same shot which make navigation of the library difficult. Being able to stack all these exposures together really cleans things up.

I’m also loving virtual copies. I find them especially useful for making B&W versions of shots without losing the original colour version from the library which is still useful for browsing.

Spot removal seems to work very well, but does take a bit of playing around with. I’ve yet to try saving it as a preset to be applied to all shots as a form of dust removal. Yes, I do have a persistent dust spot on the auto-cleaning 400D!

The overall interface and speed seem better and more responsive. All in all I’m glad I’ve made the purchase (assuming it turns up) and look forward to using it in real anger once we return from a short trip to Rome next week.

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