Getting to Rochester

Well, I’m here safe and sound. A few random thoughts about the journey:

  • American economy/coach was as per usual. No frills but good legroom.
  • The airline version of Casino Royale has been hacked to death with big chunks missing. I think this is more to do with time than content. Though the staircase fight and torture scene are heavily edited. The poisoned drink bit had gone completely
  • Deja Vu – quite good.
  • Perfect Parents – TV movie with Christopher Eccleston pretending his family is Catholic to get daughter into a good school. Turns out very dark in the end. Lots of swearing so confirms that Casino Royale must have been cut for length
  • I really need to get a new battery for my Thinkpad. Less than an hour on full charge. Not good, but it is 3 years old.
  • Bits of Lake Michigan are frozen on the descent into ORD
  • Might have been optimistic about leaving 90 minutes to transfer at O’Hare seeing as last time immigration took 75 minutes alone. However all is fine and no queue to re-check bag for once.
  • Was handled at immigration by an officer called Buttman, who was playing AC-DC from his iPod on a pair of speakers. Bizarre, and totally unlike the usual experience
  • Flight to Minneapolis St-Paul uneventful. The whole ground is white.
  • Hertz gave me a Subaru Legacy. Nice. However decide to get the Neverlost sat-nav so end up swapping for a Ford Escape SUV. Has the worst auto-box I’ve ever driven.
  • Coming out of the airport, Neverlost takes an age to get satellite lock. This ends up with lots of u-turns and route recalcs which also take about a minute. Not good , but get on the right route in the end.

Driving down Highway 52

  • Easy 75 mile drive to Rochester. Highway 52 generally clear with a few bits of drifting snow from nearby fields. One rolled car holding up the other carriageway.
  • Pass IBM coming into Rochester.

Don't Walk

  • Arrive downtown with some light still in the sky. Obviously had a lot of snow this week.
  • Park up at the Hilton Garden Inn and feel the temperature for the first time. Very, very cold.
  • Into room. Free internet and room service. 76 channels of nothing on. Crash at 8:30pm.

So, this morning it is off to the Rochester lab for the next few days. Should be fun.

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  1. I would tend to agree, although if his actual name was Buttman (surely it must be if Homeland Security let him use it), that would worry me.

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