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I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest I’m still not really getting it. This is probably down to the fact that there’s only a handful of work colleagues who I know use it. Most of my social circle would just not get it. I think this might be the first example of where I find a technology which I’m maybe too old for. I find SMS texting useful for quick one-to-one communication, but I don’t see too much value in twitter for this. My fear is that the Myspace/bebo generation probably do. That and the fact it has obviously been jumped on by those into the whole web 2.0 thang, which is great if you are in the places to build a network of connections with like minded people. In a middleware development role those opportunities are few and far between. Funnily enough the business card of the Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture I met at a customer last week didn’t have his blog, twitter, flickr or any other URL on it.

It may also have something to do with personality. I tend to build my network up based on physically meeting people rather than virtual connections. As such I might have some kind of psychological barrier to adding new “friends”, “contacts” and the like in such tools without actually physically knowing them.

Anyway, just to change the topic slightly, thinking about the way my life is now available online, and prompted by the comments on Andy’s Scrapbook post, I decided to create myself a Pipe to pull together my various feeds dotted around the place. So, if you want to know where I am, what I’m listening to, thinking about, blogging and taking photos of, here it is. Feel free to take a clone.

3 thoughts on “Pub/sub for my life

  1. I know what you mean with Twitter Aidy, I use it mainly for my friends so they know what I’m up to (which seems to have been eating this week), and then I keep my blog for more in depth stuff.

    But on a Twitter note, glad to see you’re enjoying Crackdown, that game took over my life the weekend I first got it, I’m sure you’re enjoying some quality time with it too! Oh and I got my 360 HD DVD drive today as well, its very, very shiny!

  2. Hi Adrian, I just added you to twitter. If you get a chance do check out twittervision. It’s something else. I’m in Netley Abbey but I’ll be in Southampton tomorrow morning if you and/or anyone else want’s a coffee and see real life twitterati or just talk tech 2.0 nonsense 🙂

  3. Hi Charles, thanks for the comment. I’ve added you on twitter.

    I’m afraid I’m not available tomorrow morning as work gets in the way. Would be interested in a Southampton geek-meet at some point though!

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