SCA 1.0 specifications released

The Open SOA organisation have released Version 1.0 of the Service Component Architecture specifications. OSOA is a collaboration of a number of vendors, including IBM, who are aiming to produce a language neutral programming language for SOA infrastructures. The initial seed for the work was based on work done at IBM to produce the programming model we have today in WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere ESB, and which was then made public in collaboration with BEA and then the now 18 strong OSOA group. The work to produce 1.0 specifications represents a significant evolution of the SCA architecture in a number of areas, not least of which is the introduction of additional language/component implementations for not only Java but Spring, BPEL and C++ as well .

There have been a fair few people at Hursley working on various parts of the specifications, especially around the JMS Bindings, C++ implementation and the policy framework, so congratulations to them especially.

An important and very encouraging aspect of the news today is that the SCA specifications will be contributed to OASIS for future development. Formalising them through such a standards body will help to drive their adoption. If SCA is a programming model for SOA, then SDO is the data model, and that too has been given an (old) new home in the JCP.

More coverage at TSS, eWeek, and Dana Gardner (ZDNet).

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