LCE Pro photography show, Southampton

Thanks to a note from Alexis, I learnt about the London Camera Exchange photography show which took place at the Novotel in Southampton today. I managed to pop along for a look after work, mainly motivated by the fact they they were offering free sensor cleaning by Canon and Nikon technicians. I have a couple of persistent dust spots despite the dust removal features of the 400D, so was keen on getting a clean. The guy did a great job, and took plenty of care over it. A check against a white piece of paper at f22 shows the spots had gone.

The show itself was fairly small scale, and consisted of stands from Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sigma, Sony and a number of others displaying and selling gear from a number of other vendors. Prices were typically what you could get from the Internet, so there wasn’t too much compelling reason to buy apart from getting stuff there and then. I had a play with a 1Ds which was nice, and also gave a 430EX speedlight a go on my 400D. I didn’t buy anything however, I have a wedding to fund!

Congratulations must go to James though, who purchased a nice piece of L glass. It was a 70-200 and from the price he said, I presume the f4 USM. I look forward to seeing the results on his flickr stream.

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  1. That’s two events I’ve missed where the camera cleaners were present – I need to find one. I tried calling the Canon approved cleaning agents in the UK, and basically have to send the body off to them with payment… which I’m not keen on doing… did you get charged?

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