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Merry go round

A few months ago, I got an nice email from a Michael Pumphrey, who saw the above photo on my flickr stream. It turned out he was helping to run the steam engine powered carousel at Borough Market over Christmas, and wanted to know if he could use a couple of my photos for the East Anglian Traction Engine Society newsletter. He was writing a piece about the engine for the next issue. I was more than happy to oblige, and today a complimentary copy of the pamplet style newsletter arrived in the post. It has a colour cover, and the whole back page is taken up with the photo above, with another one in B&W on the article inside. It’s really nice to see one of my flickr photos used in this way, and especially nice of Michael to send me a copy.

Which reminds me, the Southern Daily Echo haven’t paid me for the photo they used a couple of months ago!

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