Finding old friends on Facebook

Since I joined up with Facebook a week or so ago, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of my friends who use it. This goes against my experiences with the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn for instance, on which my network has been mainly made up of other people from work. One nice surprise today was to get a friend invite from my old mate Nick Grundy. I’ve known Nick for years through watching Watford, and playing football, but have lost touch over the last few. He also came to work for IBM for a while, but then decided it was far too corporate for him, and instead he went off to delve into the world of medicine. Nestling nicely in his Facebook profile was a link to his blog from which I glean that he appears to be in the fourth year of his medical degree, and in typical style is documenting it for all to see.

One thought on “Finding old friends on Facebook

  1. Aw, bless ya, Aidy – I just found the link to your blog on your facebook page, came to read it, and I’m practic’ly the subject of your most recent post! I concur about facebook, incidentally – the annoying people with “hilarious” profiles is more than balanced by the fact it’s pretty well designed and just a nice way of catching up with folks.


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