Show me the shoes and I’ll tell you about the man

New shoes
We made the most of the bank holiday today to go down to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to have lunch with our friends Pete and Michelle and their two young ones Grace and Freddie. The other purpose from my point of view was to find a pair or brogues to wear to the wedding. I normally go for loafers which obviously wouldn’t be any good with a morning suit. Gunwharf is full of outlet style shops, and a visit to Austin Reed quickly produced the results. The colours I’m going for in the morning suit will lend themselves to either black or tan shoes, and given that I’ll instruct the groomsmen to wear black, I fancied wearing tan myself. However being unusually indecisive I couldn’t be 100% sure, so opted for the black as a safe bet. Both pairs were pretty much the same and were bench made by Cheaney, a well respected British shoe maker. Being an outlet shop, they weren’t perfect, but the only real noticeable issue was scuffing on the leather soles, which let’s face it is hardly an issue one will care about after the first wear.

The black ones were reduced from somewhere around £250 down to £140 which is still a lot of money, but worth it for the purpose in hand. However when getting to the till to purchase they rang up at only £75! Confirmed by the lady behind the counter, I quickly dispatched her to get the tan pair as well. They came in at a similar price, so I am now the proud owner of a fantastic couple of pairs of shoes, and I’ll be able to try both out when I go for my morning suit fitting.

As for the title of this post, well I read it somewhere once and it stuck in my head. I’ve no idea if it is an actual quote, but it certainly is true. Google came up a blank.

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