Whilst having a bite to eat with my cousin the other Sunday we got talking about the fact that she works in sales for the UK’s largest dealer in private car registrations. For those who might not be familiar with the concept, you get a bog-standard registration number whenever you buy a new car, but you can also buy a private one from a dealer to transfer onto the car. These are normally relevant to one’s name, pet, football team etc. etc. However, you can’t specify exactly what you want, it has to be a plate issued in the first place by the DVLA (and which therefore meets their criteria making the use of numbers as substitutes for letters common) hence the fact that dealers spring up to buy and sell them.

I mentioned to her that I had always fancied getting A1 DYS. To my surprise, she said that it had been on their books not long ago. When I asked her why she hadn’t thought of me she said she had, but didn’t reckon I’d have the £50k to meet the purchase price. Fair enough then, she got that one right 😉

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