Blog and flickr anniversary

Yesterday (15th June) marked a year since the first post to this blog. It started off on as a place to talk about WebSphere ESB, but has really developed into a rather general blog through my interests, especially as I picked up photography as a hobby. The blog started out on where it picked up about 15,000 views before I moved over to hosting it with Register1.

A quick look at Google Analytics shows that the new site has, since the 31st January, totaled 5,434 visits by 4,437 unique visitors. Additionally, an average of about 40 people subscribe to the feed for the blog. I’ve not really developed this blog too much since I moved it over, which is something I plan to remedy.

Talking of anniversaries, today also marks the a year since signing up for flickr and posting my first photo. I’m marking that by heading out in a while to meet up with some other Dublin based flickr members for a meet, and so will probably post another entry later on with more info about that. The stats for flickr currently stand at 17,175 views of the 361 photos I’ve uploaded.

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